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Gaming Seat

How to Choose the Right Gaming Seat for Yourself

As a game fanatic, I spend at least 5 hours playing games on the computer every day. On weekends, except for dinner parties, I basically play games on the computer. This may be my biggest hobby.

People who play computer games for a long time have very strict requirements on chairs. A good seat can reduce fatigue. An uncomfortable seat can easily cause backaches and various diseases (cervical spondylosis/ Lumbar spondylosis, etc.)

No one wants to have these ills at a young age, so if you sit and play computer games for a long time, choosing the right chair is very important. So what are the requirements to qualify as a qualified gaming chair? Below I list some of the problems that I usually encounter when playing game seats are not suitable.

1.Is there a liftable design

I don’t know if you have the same problems as me? The posture of playing different games is different. I usually play CSGO/LOL in a sitting position, so I bought a chair that matches the height of the table. It’s okay to play in a sitting position. Playing card games (when I’m tired from playing LOL, I’ll take a break) I like to lie down and relax. At this time, I lean back and the distance between my eyes on the screen is longer. I can’t see the screen clearly because I myopia. My neck was uncomfortable, it was too uncomfortable, and then I left it idle.

2. Is there a pillow design

A chair with a pillow design allows us to rest for a short while in the game matching gap or ORZ, relax the cervical spine, analyze the situation, and wait for revenge. It’s also nice to lie down while watching movies and TV shows.

3. Whether it accords with the ergonomic design

It is conceivable how important it is to protect the waist when sitting for a long time in computer games. The strong support of the lumbar support can help the lumbar spine maintain its natural state, reduce the stress on the lumbar spine, and reduce the injury.

4. Is the seat material suitable for sedentary sitting?

Is the material breathable? Is it smooth and wear-resistant? Is it flexible? These points must be asked clearly when purchasing.

Recommend this: Ergonomic gaming seat.

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