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What is the Difference Between Internet Cafe Chairs and Ordinary Chairs

With the continuous development of the Internet bar chair industry, it has gradually assimilated with ordinary household computer chairs and office chairs, and there is not much difference. A large part of Internet bar chairs is composed of a bow frame (or a swivel foot), a cushion, a backrest, and some other functions. So what’s […]

Characteristics of chairs in different types of furniture

Chair is one of the most common household items in daily life. No matter in the home or in any public place, almost every place can not leave the chair, which can be said it is a close companion of human beings. In the market, I believe you can also see that there are many […]

Which Part of the Ergonomic Computer Chair is the Most Important

Many people know the computer chair, so what is the most important part of the structure of the computer chair? Finding out about this problem will help us to distinguish the quality of office computers, so follow me to find out. Many people only look at the appearance of computer chairs and office furniture, and […]

Anti-static Chair Types and Purchasing Skills

In addition to the functions of ordinary chairs, anti-static chairs also have anti-static functions. The types of anti-static chairs can be roughly divided into anti-static leather chairs, anti-static foam chairs, anti-static plastic chairs, anti-static standing chairs, anti-static stainless steel chairs, anti-static round stools with five-star claws, and anti-static round stools with cup wheels. When purchasing […]

What is the Difference Between a Leather Office Chair and a Mesh Office Chair

The office chair is indispensable in our life. Whether it is in the company or at home, it can help us maintain the correct sitting posture, thereby ensuring our work efficiency and physical health. However, there are many kinds of office chairs on the market. According to different materials, there are various points such as […]

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