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2022 E-Sports Chair Purchase Guide for How to Choose a Good E-Sports Chair

For people who often play games, a good E-sports chair is definitely an important factor to improve the game experience!

Even if you are not a game lover, as a student or an indoor office worker, sitting in front of computer for a long time, you have relatively high requirements for the chair, and the superb appearance and comfort of the e-sports chair are undoubtedly very attractive.

In the following, I will talk about how to select E-sports chairs and what problems should be paid attention to in choosing E-sports chairs. For partners who need to buy chairs, you can learn about them

1、 Security is paramount.

The air pressure rod, a core component, may “explode” if its quality is unqualified. The consequences are very serious. We must choose those with quality & safety certification chairs, such as SGS. Those without safety certification cannot be bought.

Head Pillow

The headrest can support the cervical spine and help the cervical spine maintain its physiological radian. It is best to choose the style with headrest. The height of some styles of headrests can be adjusted, which will be more intimate. You must pay attention to it when choosing.


The back of the chair is adjustable, so that the body can be relaxed during rest; The height of the chair back needs to cover the whole back, and the overall design should fit the back curve in order to better support.

It should be noted that there are adjustable lumbar supports, which make it more comfortable to lean against. Some styles of chair backs can also be adjusted up and down. When choosing, just choose according to your needs.


The handrail is a detail, but it affects the use experience also. It needs to see whether the handrail can adjust the base note.

Many friends will buy a extra keyboard holders to protect their wrists. In fact, what should be supported is the elbow. The most comfortable position is that the wrist sags naturally.

Therefore, the height adjustable handrail is still very important.


The seat cushion is generally filled with sponge. The style of using high-density sponge should be selected. It has good resilience and is not easy to deform. The service life of the chair will be longer and the comfort will be better.

The above content is my personal consideration and summary before buying E-sports chairs. I hope it will help you.

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