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An Article Takes You to Know the Parts of the Gaming Chair

What are the main parts of the gaming chair? Now let’s take a look.

1.Pulleys (also known as universal wheels):

Pulleys are mainly divided into ordinary pulleys and PU wheels, and soft materials are more suitable for wooden floors. The technical content of pulleys is not high, and generally there is no problem. It mainly depends on whether the pulley is quiet when rolling, and whether there is a large friction with the floor. If the friction between the pulley and the floor is large, it is easy to damage the floor. Another point is the fit with the five claws, and the general chair details can be done.

2.Chair legs (five-star tripod, five claws):

The five-star tripod is also often called the five-claw because it is shaped like a five-claw. At present, there are basically three kinds of five-claw materials for chairs: stainless steel, nylon, and aluminum alloy. The quality order is probably nylon < stainless steel < aluminum alloy. Nylon tripods may break in long-term use, so it is not recommended to buy them. Stainless steel and aluminum alloys are rarely broken.

3.Air pressure rod (lifting rod)

The air pressure rod should be the most concerned issue for everyone. It is used to adjust the height and rotation of the chair. The air pressure rod is filled with high-pressure gas. The safety of the chair itself mainly lies in two places, one is the air pressure rod and the other is the chassis. There are many certification marks for air pressure rods, such as SGS, LANT, BIFM…

What’s the use of so many certifications? Each additional certification is nothing more than providing a guarantee for the safety of the chair. The more certifications, the better the quality of the product, but also the more expensive. Basically, the air pressure rod with SGS certification can be used normally. But if your weight is heavier, it is recommended to consider a higher certification level of the air rod or some other certification standard.


Speaking of the parts of the chair, the chassis is quite expensive among all the accessories of the chair. Generally speaking, the air pressure rod is at least SGS certified, then the chassis must at least be made of steel. Don’t choose plastic or iron. The plastic is easy to break, and the iron is not easy to lift after rusting.

So how do distinguish the material of the chassis from good and bad? I will tell you the answer directly here: ordinary plastic < iron < steel < aluminum alloy < carbon fiber, roughly according to this standard to distinguish. Steel or stainless steel chassis is generally not expensive. Of course, it is better to have an explosion-proof chassis. Whether it is explosion-proof or not, it is at least a psychological guarantee. The price of the chassis of aluminum alloy, carbon fiber and other materials will be higher.


The lifting effect should be the most practical function in the adjustment of the armrest. Some armrests can be moved back and forth up and down. The more dimensions they move, the stronger their ability to adapt and the better the effect of effective support.

6.Backrest and seat connection

Seat and back are connected by steel pipe or steel plate.

7.Material of seat back and seat

The two places where the chair has the most contact with the human body, one is its seat cushion and the other is its backrest. The fabric material of the chair is also basically reflected in these two parts. The material of the fabric is mainly to reflect the breathability, and the softness and resilience of the seat cushion also directly determine the comfort of your sitting.

So what kinds of fabrics are there? The more common materials are cotton and linen, PU leather, and mesh. 95% of computer chairs are inseparable from these three materials. In fact, among the three, I don’t recommend buying cotton and linen materials. Its texture is not as good as that of PU leather, its air permeability is not as strong as that of mesh cloth, and its appearance also gives people a cheap feeling.

Then I mainly talk about the difference between the sponge and the mesh surface of the cushion. The native sponge is very soft and comfortable to sit on. When you get up, it can quickly return to its original thickness and shape. The pure mesh chair actually has a sense of elasticity. You can sit on it and shake it, and you will find that the chair cushion is indeed rebounding. In terms of elasticity and breathability, the pure mesh is slightly better. It should be noted here that the pure mesh seat cushion does not seem to be very friendly to friends who are too heavy. If an overweight person sits on a mesh chair for a long time, the elasticity and durability of the mesh surface will be lost, resulting in the loss of the original elasticity of the chair.

8.Lumbar pillow

Some chairs have it, some don’t, and the necessity depends on the comfort of the chair


Same as lumbar pillow.

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