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An Article Teaches You to Understand the Various Parameters on the Gaming Chair

With the popularity of e-sports, e-sports chairs have gradually come into people’s attention and become a part of people’s daily life. Owning a cool e-sports chair has become the goal of many people, and more and more people will give priority to e-sports chairs when choosing desks and chairs that match computers. So what are the key parameters of the gaming chair? What is the classification of the cushion material of the gaming chair? Today, I will study with you about those things about the gaming chair.

The key parameters of the gaming chair:


Consider your height when buying a chair. General gaming chairs are not like ergonomic chairs, which basically can be adjusted in multiple parts, so they are suitable for a wide range of people. Most gaming chairs are not adjustable. If you are not tall, buying gaming chairs may be uncomfortable to use.


When playing games or using a computer, if your elbows are not placed comfortably, it will indeed affect your performance. For example, when playing a game, you need to slide the mouse quickly, but the elbow is not placed, resulting in the skill not being released, and accidentally losing, which will make people uncomfortable. Therefore, a good gaming chair needs to have adjustable armrests to suit the needs of different groups of people.

3.Lumbar pillow

When sitting, the correct posture of the waist is related to the health of the spine. The lumbar pillow plays the role of holding up the waist, maintaining the lordotic posture of the lumbar spine, conforming to the curve of the human lumbar spine, and reducing the harm caused by the upright sitting posture.

4.Air pressure rod

The air pressure rod is the rod under the seat, which is mainly used for weight-bearing. When purchasing, it is necessary to see whether the air pressure rod has the quality assurance of SGS and so on.

5.Explosion-proof steel pipe

The explosion-proof steel pipe has good compression resistance, and in case of an accident, it can reduce the harm caused by the explosion.

6.Backrest angle

This is very important. As mentioned above, if you want to sit comfortably and conform to the curve of the human body, you must buy a chair that can adjust the inclination of the backrest. Generally, about 120 degrees is the best inclination angle, and it will be very comfortable. The higher-value ones will use animal leather, which is relatively difficult to maintain. Finally, it is a more general mesh material, which is more ventilated and easy to clean.

7.Cushion material

The common material is PU leather. Although this material is durable and comfortable, the disadvantage is that it is not breathable, and it will be very hot to sit on it for a long time. If the sponge is used inside, the disadvantage of this material is that the elasticity is not good.

Classification of cushion materials for gaming chairs:

1.PVC, PU, or artificial leather: low cost, easy to obtain, most gaming chairs use artificial leather.
2.Leather: The cost of using animal skins is high and it is extremely comfortable to sit on.
3.Mesh surface: It is best to be clean and breathable, with the smallest penetration of sweat and the smallest area, and it is not easy to stink.

The cushion material affects the user’s sitting feeling on the chair and whether they can sit for a long time, so the cushion is very important. Most gaming chairs use PVC, PU, and artificial leather as seat cushions, and maintenance is relatively easy. You can choose the cushion material according to your needs.
The above is the description of the key parameters of the gaming chair and the classification of the cushion material, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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