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Anti-static Chair Types and Purchasing Skills

In addition to the functions of ordinary chairs, anti-static chairs also have anti-static functions. The types of anti-static chairs can be roughly divided into anti-static leather chairs, anti-static foam chairs, anti-static plastic chairs, anti-static standing chairs, anti-static stainless steel chairs, anti-static round stools with five-star claws, and anti-static round stools with cup wheels. When purchasing an anti-static work chair, issues such as anti-static indicators, quality, comfort, and working environment requirements should be considered. Let’s take a look together next.

What are the types of anti-static chairs?

1.Anti-static leather chair

The seat surface is made of artificial leather, and the inner layer is wrapped with a highly elastic sponge and wood or steel plate, plastic plate, and it is comfortable to sit on. The anti-static leather chair is suitable for 100-10000 class purification workshops, durable, and extremely comfortable. If you want a comfortable anti-static chair, it is recommended to buy an anti-static leather chair.

2.Anti-static foam chair

The seat surface material is PU polyurethane foam molding, which has the characteristics of a unique shape, elasticity, easy cleaning, and slight scratch resistance. Through the modification of PU raw materials, the volume resistance is reduced, and it has the function of electrostatic discharge. It refuses to absorb dust and meets the dust-free environment of class 100 or above.

3.Anti-static plastic chair

The seat surface material is PP or PE plastic, and the price is lower compared with other materials.

4.Anti-static standing chair

Through the effective support of the standing chair, the operator can reduce the work fatigue caused by standing for too long, reduce the pressure of the body weight on the caudal vertebra, and effectively ensure the health of the operator. If the working environment requires the height of the chair, it is recommended to purchase an anti-static standing chair.

5.Anti-static stainless steel chair

The seat surface is made of stainless steel all-metal material, which is usually used outdoors, dust-free, and in other environments.

6.Anti-static round stool with five-star claw

The material is cast aluminum with chrome plating, wear-resistant, and one-time molding.

7.Anti-static round stools with cup wheels

It is made of wear-resistant nylon material and has the characteristics of high strength.

How to choose an anti-static work chair?

1.Anti-static indicators

As the name suggests, the first consideration of an anti-static chair is its anti-static index. Generally speaking, the surface resistivity of the anti-static chair is required to be 10^7~10^9, and its ground resistance is 5*10^80. The five conductive chair wheels under the five-star claws should be able to discharge static electricity to the ground simply, quickly, and effectively.


The second thing to consider is the quality of the anti-static chair. In addition to meeting the anti-static indicators, a good anti-static chair should also be sturdy and durable. The seat and back of a good anti-static chair are connected by high-quality cold-rolled steel plates, the back spring is spring steel, and high-quality accessories are connected to ensure the firmness of the chair.


Finally, the comfort of the anti-static chair is also particularly important. It is used as office furniture for personnel in the work area, and the high or low comfort of personnel using it for a long time directly affects the work efficiency of personnel. A good anti-static chair adopts a wide seat back (W450*D420, W415*H290), the backrest is at the support point of the human spine, and the raised part can play a massage role.

4.Working environment

If the workplace has high requirements for dust, it is recommended that you buy PP injection molding chairs and PU foaming chairs. If you want to choose an anti-static chair with better comfort, then choose an anti-static leather chair or an anti-static PVC chair.

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