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Can Explosion-proof Panels Prevent Gaming Chairs from Exploding

The explosion of gaming chairs has been reported before, causing people who have been sitting in gaming chairs for a long time to worry that there is a time bomb under their buttocks that will explode at any time. For safety reasons, many people have given up using gaming chairs with air pressure rods.

To dispel people’s concerns about using gaming chairs, many gaming chair manufacturers have installed explosion-proof panels under gaming chairs. Do Explosion Plates Really Work? Will the gaming chair with the explosion-proof plate not explode? We first need to know why the gaming chair explodes.

Most people attribute the explosion of the gaming chair to the fact that the victims bought fake products. This statement is accepted by almost everyone. Some people think that it is because the wall of the air pressure rod of the chair is too thin, resulting in insufficient pressure resistance to explode. Some people also think that the gas in the pressure rod is not nitrogen, which causes the explosion accident to occur when the gas in the pipe is not stable enough. Is there any scientific basis for such a judgment?

Professionals gave us such an answer. The explosion occurred because the wall of the air pressure rod was too thin, and the base of the chair was relatively rough. When sitting, it moved up and down, and there was friction back and forth, forming an incision. Because the wall of the air pressure rod itself is very thin, and the friction forms a weak incision, an explosion will naturally occur for a long time.

Summary: The two necessary conditions for the explosion of the air pressure rod are:

1.The wall of the rod is too thin

2.The interface design of the chair base is not reasonable enough, and the interface is damaged due to long-term friction.

If someone suddenly sits down or stands up, an additional external force will be formed, which will cause the top of the cone to burst instantly, and the gas in the tube will explode instantly, forming a huge upward thrust to produce an explosion.

Since there is no mandatory standard for the air pressure rod of gaming chairs, the standards produced by various companies are different. The wall of the air pressure rod produced by many companies is only between 0.8 and 1 mm, and this thickness is 0.5 mm thinner than the international minimum standard. Driven by interests, many businesses are taking risks. Experts say that if the wall thickness of the rod is increased, or the design of the bottom of the chair is improved, the chance of an explosion will be reduced to very low. If both improve at the same time, the chance of an explosion can be reduced to almost zero.

Seeing this, everyone should know the root cause of the explosion of the gaming chair, right? From a rational point of view, it is analyzed that the explosion-proof panel has a preventive effect on the explosion of the gaming chair. But this can only play a buffering role in the explosion. It is recommended that you keep your eyes open when buying gaming chairs, ergonomic chairs, swivel chairs, lift chairs, and air pressure chairs.

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