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Do You Know the Functions and Effects of the Important Parts of the Gaming Chair

Nowadays, there are more and more adjustable functions of gaming chairs on the market, so what are the uses of these adjustable functions when we use them? What kind of effect can we have when we use them?


The main function of the headrest of the gaming chair is to support the neck and head of the human body. Whether the headrest can be adjusted is generally determined according to individual needs. The fixed headrest can only play a simple supporting role for the neck and head and has no special human effect. The adjustable headrest is designed based on ergonomic principles, which can realize the adjustment of the height, angle, and front and rear of the headrest, which can meet the needs of different groups of people and individuals in different working conditions. The headrest surface has a certain curvature, which can maintain the perfect fit between the human cervical spine curve and the headrest. The surface of headrest is made of soft surface material, which can not only improve comfort but also avoid the headache and dizziness caused by the poor blood flow in the neck caused by the excessive hardness of the headrest.

2.Backrest and lumbar support

The main function of the backrest and lumbar support of the gaming chair is to support the back and waist of the human body. A good gaming chair can effectively relieve the fatigue of the back and waist caused by prolonged sitting, so the comfort of the backrest of the gaming chair is very important. The correct sitting position is to keep the upper body straight and the back slightly back. This can not only relieve the fatigue caused by prolonged sitting, but also correct the sitting posture, protect the lumbar spine well, and effectively reduce the risk of lumbar spondylosis. Therefore, the design of the backrest of the gaming chair must be consistent with the spine curve of the human sitting posture. The curved design of the backrest and the human spine can ensure that we maintain the normal curve of the spine in the correct sitting posture, and effectively balance the pressure on the back.

Secondly, the position and elasticity of the lumbar pillow can be adjusted. The elastic lumbar pillow design can perfectly support the lumbar spine whether we are writing at the desk or sitting upright typing on the keyboard. The adjustable position of the lumbar pillow is mainly used for people of different sizes, and the elasticity can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different groups of people for the sitting feeling of the gaming chair.


The seat cushion can be adjusted up and down, which is a must-have function of the gaming chair. People of different heights have different requirements for the height of the seat cushion when using the gaming chair. The healthiest and most comfortable sitting posture is when we sit on the gaming chair so that our feet can naturally land on the ground, and the distance between the knees and the front edge of the seat cushion is kept at about 1cm, which can not only reduce the pressure on the thighs but also keep the blood flowing.

Taking into account that we need to maintain a correct sitting posture and sit comfortably on the gaming chair when using it, the front and rear adjustment of the seat cushion is essential. The front and rear adjustment of the seat cushion can adjust the seat depth of the gaming chair, which can meet the use of people of different sizes.

The material of the seat cushion is the top priority of seat cushion design, and whether its design is reasonable is related to the comfort of the entire gaming chair. When we use the gaming chair, almost all the pressure is concentrated on the hips, and part of the pressure is borne by the thighs. To reduce the pressure on the hip nerves and blood vessels, we try to choose soft and breathable cushion materials when choosing gaming chairs.

In addition to mesh, the current gaming chair cushions on the market are filled with cloth or leather. The filling of high-quality gaming chairs is generally memory foam, which is commonly known as rebound cotton. It has the ability to automatically restore the original shape after the pressure is released. Memory foam filled cushions are generally molded. The gaming chair cushion with comfortable sitting will refer to the pressure when using the gaming chair when molding, and carefully design the bumps of the cushion to effectively distribute the pressure generated when we use it.


The main function of the armrest of the gaming chair is to support the arm. When we work normally, the angle between the arm and the body is about 10°. People of different statures have different distances between their arms when working, and when their arms are drooping, the distance from the arms to the seat cushion is also different, which requires the distance between the armrests and the height of the armrests must be adjustable. In addition, our different office methods have different angles between the forearms. To support the arms perfectly, the angle of the armrests is required to be adjustable. The material of the armrest should also be paid attention to. Try to choose a gaming chair with a soft armrest surface, which can not only improve the comfort but also avoid the blood flow of the arm caused by working for a long time.

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