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Do You Know What Are the Three Essential E-sports Equipment for E-sports Enthusiasts

Presumably many gamers have the same feeling that I have encountered, that is: I feel that my game operation skills are not good enough, and my awareness is not strong enough. No matter how much I practice and learn, I still can’t improve my game skills. It was not until later that I realized that as a qualified e-sports enthusiast, these three e-sports devices are inseparable.

So, what exactly is an e-sports three-piece suit?

When it comes to e-sports equipment, I believe that many gamers flash in their minds: keyboards, mice, and headsets. Indeed, keyboards, mice, and headsets are among the basic gaming devices. However, among the new gaming equipment, gaming chairs, keyboards and mice belong to the three-piece gaming set. So let’s take a brief look at this three-piece gaming equipment.

Gaming Equipment 1: Gaming Chair

The first essential gaming equipment must be the chair back. The chairs used by e-sports players are very particular. First, they are suitable for long-term sitting; second, they are comfortable to sit. In the seat industry, gaming chairs have a saying that they are “born for gamers”. It can be seen that gaming chairs are very important for gamers. In line with the ergonomic design concept, coupled with the racing car-like shape and high-density styling sponge, it can not only meet the sedentary needs of gamers but also provide a comfortable and healthy sitting feeling that is not easy to get tired of sitting for a long time.

Gaming Equipment 2: Keyboard

The keyboard that is more popular with gamers should be the mechanical keyboard. Compared with ordinary keyboards, on the one hand, the mechanical keyboard feels very good, and it can press several keys at the same time without conflict. A good mechanical keyboard even supports pressing all keys together without conflict. Especially when you use the keyboard to control walking, you can deeply experience. On the other hand, mechanical keyboards get more feedback after being tapped, and their service life is relatively long.

Gaming Equipment 3: Mouse

The difference from the general mouse is that the gaming mouse is similar to the gaming chair. The gaming chair pays attention to the sitting feeling, while the gaming mouse pays attention to the grip. Therefore, in terms of design, the design of the gaming mouse also pays great attention to ergonomics to provide players with a comfortable grip. In addition, the positioning of the gaming mouse will be more precise and responsive, especially when clicking accurately. It is reported that to increase the visual fun of some games, some gaming mice are also equipped with lighting effects, and the dpi can be adjusted according to different games.
After some practice, as an e-sports fan, I finally became a qualified e-sports enthusiast. No matter how good the game operation is, it will not work without the support of professional game equipment. This is similar to how you eat food without cutlery. Professional gaming equipment allows you to take the lead and operate more smoothly.

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