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Do You Really Know How to Choose the Right Chair for Yourself?

When buying chairs, in addition to the design, material and color, not all chairs are as expensive as possible. The top priority is definitely to choose a chair suitable for your body. Now let’s talk about some tips for choosing chairs.

1. Seat height.

It should be equal to the length of the lower leg. After sitting down, the sole of the foot will just fall to the ground. It’s not good to be too high, if too high your legs will hanging, it is not good for your leg being oppressed for too long time; If too low, the thighs cannot be placed on the seat surface, and the weight of the human body is concentrated on the hips, which will be uncomfortable for a long time.

2. Seat depth.

For a sitting chair, the depth of the seat should be equal to the length of the thigh. After sitting down, the bend of the knee joint is right to the edge of the chair. If the seat is too deep, there is no place to land on the waist and back; If the seat is too shallow and the thighs are not supported enough. They are uncomfortable.

3. Materials of chair surface and back.

Both should be “soft on the outside and hard on the inside” – the support should be strong enough, but there is a certain thickness of elastic layer on the surface. The outermost materials in contact with the human body should be breathable, wear-resistant, dirt resistant, and not easy to generate static electricity with the human body or clothes.

4. Seat back.

A chair without a back will be very tired after sitting for a long time. In a chair without a chair back, people naturally lean forward when sitting. At this time, the thoracic vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae are the most stressed. A good chair should be able to support the waist, back and neck in whole or in part. The longer you sit in a chair, the better you have to support it. Because the dining chair is only used during meals, we can ignore it, but the office chair should well protect our body. The imported furniture is often more suitable for the people in the producing country, so special attention should be paid to the selection.

5. Pay attention to the materials.

The material of chair legs is very important. There should be no scar section. Generally, it can not be spliced. Chairs made of hard miscellaneous wood are stronger. When buying metal chairs, pay attention to the thickness of the pipe wall of metal materials such as steel pipes. Relatively speaking, the thicker the stronger.

6. Pay attention to the style.

It should not only meet your use needs, but also match with the color of existing furniture. For example, the popular chair in 1999 is simple, comfortable and practical, but it might not match with current existing furniture.

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