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Don’t Buy an Gaming Chair Without These Points

Today I want to talk to you about gaming chairs. Are gaming chairs really unsuitable for prolonged sitting? Why are eight out of ten online persuading others not to buy gaming chairs? What should you pay attention to when buying a gaming chair? The article in this issue has all the main points, and you will gain something after reading it patiently!

Whether you are working or playing games, you often need to sit for a long time. The chairs I bought before were all artificial leather chairs bought from the furniture market and they are very cheap. Although the seat cushion has a sponge pad, the height of the table and chair cannot be adjuste. Sometimes after concentrating on high-intensity work and games, you will feel very tired due to improper sitting posture.

A comfortable chair can make the mind more concentrated, and while making the body comfortable, the efficiency will be greatly improved. Before buying a chair this time, I learned about several brands of gaming chairs on the market and bought one of the brands of gaming chairs for analysis. After all, if you buy a piece of furniture worth hundreds of dollars, if the experience is not good and it is uncomfortable to use, even if there is an unconditional return within seven days, the entire return and exchange process will be very troublesome.

The height and back of many ordinary office chair seats cannot be adjusted. When using it, problems such as dangling arms and poor sitting posture can easily lead to back pain. When using it, problems such as dangling arms and poor sitting posture can easily lead to back pain. On the contrary, the soft and cool gaming chair solves these problems very well, allowing us to sit more comfortably when working or gaming.

It’s not that you can’t buy gaming chairs, it’s just that you didn’t choose them well. From a mechanical point of view, the main parts of a chair that can support the human body are the seat cushion, seat back, armrest and headrest. The gaming chair has two particularly ingenious key designs on the support, adaptive lumbar support and free linkage between the armrest and the back. When you sit in a chair, the lumbar pillow will provide favorable support for the waist, no matter how you sit, it can ensure enough support for the waist.

The 3D adjustment of the armrest of the gaming chair is very practical no matter what the scene is, and its armrest is very flexible. Not only can the height be adjusted up and down, but also the angle can be adjusted left and right, and it can also be pushed forward and backward. For example, when I’m typing near a desk, I can push the armrest forward so that my elbow rests naturally on the armrest when I hold the mouse in my hand. At this time, the shoulders will not be stressed, and there will be no shoulder pain problems.

When choosing an gaming chair, you also need to pay special attention to the design of the seat cushion. There are some cheap gaming chairs filled with inferior cotton, which are not suitable for prolonged sitting. If you use it for a long time, the middle part will sag. A good gaming chair uses a high-density sponge, which can provide better resilience and is suitable for people who need to sit in front of the computer for a long time.

The two key components that affect the load-bearing and safety of gaming chairs are thickened explosion-proof bottom brackets and tripods. Choose a thicker explosion-proof bottom bracket, with more stable performance. This chassis is heavier and made of solid materials. The enlarged aluminum alloy five-star foot has high strength and compression resistance, strong bearing capacity, and will not be deformed after long-term use, and the overall appearance is smooth and delicate. The rolling of the universal wheel is very smooth and stable, which can be rolled in any direction. There is no sound when rolling, and it does little damage to the floor, so you can use it with confidence. Air pressure rods are also graded, do not buy ones that have not passed the quality inspection. If you are not sure, you can ask the merchant directly. After receiving the goods, you can directly look at the number on the air pressure rod. The higher the level, the safer it is.
Gaming chairs are not only suitable for gaming players, many friends who love to play board games will choose gaming chairs. Not all gaming chairs are uncomfortable and experience bad. On the contrary, as long as you choose the right gaming chair, you will feel that the gaming chair is no worse than the ergonomic chair, and the semi-wrapped back and seat cushion will be more ritualistic.

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