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Four Hidden Dangers of Inferior Gaming Chairs

Inferior gaming chairs, as the name implies, are some unqualified gaming chairs, such as gaming chairs made of inferior materials, substandard air pressure rods, and defective skeleton. Hearing this, do you feel that there are many hidden safety problems in inferior gaming chairs? So, what are the disadvantages of inferior gaming chairs?

Next, in order to let everyone understand this kind of inferior gaming chair more clearly, we summarizes the four major safety hazards of inferior gaming chair for you.

Hidden danger one: Skeleton material selection cut corners, no safety guarantee. The internal skeleton of a good gaming chair is made of one-piece stainless steel skeleton, which has good load-bearing capacity and guaranteed safety. In order to save production costs, some illegal gaming chair manufacturers will cut corners on the selection of chair frame materials, and often use some ordinary stainless steel for installation. The load-bearing capacity and safety of such an gaming seat can be imagined. Therefore, when choosing a gaming chair, you need to pay extra attention to see if the merchant dares to announce their own chair frame material.

Safety hazard two: The quality of the chair wheel is not good, and it is easy to fall. In addition to cutting corners in the selection of gaming chair frame materials, manufacturers will also use some low-quality chair wheels or five-star feet that are too small to save costs, and these materials do not meet the safety requirements. Gaming chairs made of these substandard-quality chair foot materials have a high risk of tipping and tipping over during use.

Safety hazard three: The cushion filling is of poor quality and harmful to human health. For the filling of gaming chair cushions, sponges are usually used. For example, high-end brand gaming chairs are mainly filled with high-density stereotyped sponges, which have high resilience, comfortable sitting, and not easy to get tired after a long time sitting. Most of the inferior gaming chairs use some recycled sponges, that is, some industrially recycled sponges, which not only pose a threat to human health, but also easily deform and collapse after sitting for a long time. It can be said that the ridiculously low-priced gaming chairs on the market use this kind of sponge. Therefore, when purchasing, you can judge the quality of this gaming chair by looking at the price.

Safety hazard four: The air pressure rod is unqualified, and an explosion accident will occur. As a type of air lift chair, the biggest determinant of its safety is the air pressure rod. It can be seen that the air pressure rod is important for the gaming chair. If the quality of the air pressure rod is not good enough, it basically means that there is no security guarantee. The most reported problem of the air lift chair is the explosion caused by the unqualified air pressure rod. Therefore, when purchasing a gaming chair, you should also pay attention to see whether the merchant will display the quality standards of the air pressure rod. On the whole, the above four security risks are the existence of most inferior gaming chairs. So, you said, do you dare to sit on such an inferior gaming chair?

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