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Here Is the Detailed Guide for the Installation Steps of the Gaming Chair Purchased Online

Now many people like to shop online, because not only are there many styles, but also the prices are cheap, such as gaming chairs. However, some people have doubts about whether the gaming chairs purchased online have to be installed by themselves, and will it be very troublesome? Next, I will tell you in detail about the installation knowledge of gaming chairs!

Generally speaking, gaming chairs are heavy and bulky. It is often necessary to disassemble each part to send the express. Otherwise, the height is relatively high and may hit other items and be easily damaged. Therefore, gaming chairs bought online usually have to be reinstalled when delivered. But even if you have no installation experience, don’t worry. Most gaming chair vendors will come with installation tools, manuals, or videos, just follow the relevant tutorial steps to operate. And if there is no manual, you can install it according to the installation steps of the gaming chair explained below:

1.Install the bottom wheel first.

First find the five-star tripod and 5 swivel wheels. Then, after the five-star tripod is upside down, insert the five universal wheels into the card slot forcefully, and the wheels are installed.

2.Install the air pressure rod.

After installing the wheel, you can install its air pressure rod, which is related to the lifting effect of the seat. Therefore, the installation should be firmer, and the air pressure rod should be inserted into the five-star tripod below.

3.Install the backrest and cushion.

First, remove the four screws on the two sides of the seat back, and then fix the four screws on both sides of the steel frame of the seat cushion and tighten them. If two people install it together, it will be less laborious. It should be noted here that before the seat back is successfully installed, do not control the adjustment handle on the side to prevent the hand from being caught after a sudden rebound.

4.Install explosion-proof chassis.

Then turn the chair over, with the bottom of the base facing up, and then install the screws into the holes under the seat cushion. Take out the seat adjuster and hold it in your hand for a full sense of weight. Upgraded reinforced frog tray with excellent load-bearing capacity. When installing, pay attention to the prompt mark on the front of FRONT, that is, this side is facing the front, and also use a wrench to tighten and fix it.

5.Connet air pressure rod to seat.

Insert the air pressure rod directly into the seat adjuster hole under the seat and push it in. After straightening the seat, take out the two side covers, pay attention to distinguish the left and right, the wider one is installed on the side with the adjustment handle.

6.Install the headrest and lumbar support.

The installation of the chair has been basically completed here, and finally the headrest and waist pillow can be installed. The lumbar support belt is passed through the gap under the seat and then fixed. Fasten the headrest and the installation is complete.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the installation of gaming chairs. In general, the gaming chairs purchased online must be installed by yourself. But in the end, whether it is to do it yourself depends on whether there is an installation service. But even if not, the merchant will provide relevant instructions, you can rest assured.

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