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How Much Does a Gaming Chair Usually Weigh

Many friends are asking how much the gaming chair weighs and whether they can move it. Below is the answer I have compiled, I hope it can help you.

In fact, for different brands, different styles, and different sizes of gaming chairs, the weights are different. Like a normal standard gaming chair, the weight is about 30-50kg, and if it is a widened and enlarged version, 70-80kg is also common. It can be seen that the weight of the general gaming chair is unbearable for most girls, and it will be very difficult even if it is moved.

The main reason why the weight of the gaming chair is heavier than the ordinary chair is that its material will be thicker. Therefore, it can be reflected from the side that its load-bearing capacity is relatively good. General gaming chairs have a load-bearing capacity of up to 1360kg after internal testing, and can withstand more than 300kg of “weight people”.

However, it is not that the heavier the gaming chair is, the better it is. The key point is to judge based on its craftsmanship.

For example, a skeleton, a good gaming chair, the importance of its skeleton is equivalent to human bones. Good brands generally use an integrated steel frame, which can fully improve the service life and heavy capacity of the chair. At the same time, it will also do baking paint protection for the skeleton to prevent rust from affecting life. Under heavy protection, the load-bearing capacity of the gaming chair is as high as 1000KG or more. The second is the tripod. At present, there are three main materials for the mainstream five-star feet, nylon, iron, and aluminum alloy. Among these materials, aluminum alloy has the highest cost because of its appearance and durability. The five-star feet of aluminum alloys generally bear more than 500KG.

The above is an introduction to the weight of gaming chairs. In general, the weight of gaming chairs will be affected by factors such as brand, style, craftsmanship, size, etc., so it must be determined in combination with the actual product. However, the standard size will be around 30-50kg, and the enlarged version will be 70-80kg. It is difficult for a girl to move it alone, so it is best to choose a merchant with home delivery when purchasing.

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