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How to Adjust the Computer Chair to the Most Suitable State

Whether at home or in the office, the design of the office space must be a perceptual play based on rationality, that is both specialization and individualization. Many people’s office chair height is not up to standard so the body cannot be relieved from back pain. So, how can you adjust the office chair to the best condition?

At present, computer families spend more and more time working from home and playing games. The rigid, formula-like office space can no longer meet people’s needs. Therefore, there are more and more office desks and chairs that pay attention to individual development and humanization, such as various colors, unique shapes, and convenient use, but only the shape or the function is not enough.

1.Try to choose a computer chair with adjustable functions.

First, adjust the desk or workbench to the appropriate height according to the nature of the work. Because, different desk heights have different requirements for the placement of chairs, sometimes it is even necessary to change a chair. Once the height of the desk is fixed, the height of the chair can be adjusted using the height of the desk and the body as a reference.
A good computer chair should not only sit comfortably but also have a high degree of freedom in both vertical and horizontal directions, that is, a large range of adjustment. Choosing a comfortable seat is crucial. A good seat has dual pneumatic functions, which can adjust the height of the chair and the pitch angle of the seat back.
When purchasing, you can sit down and feel whether the back of the chair is moderately firm or not. Whether the curve of the back of the chair fits the curvature of the human spine, fully supports the back, whether the waist can relieve the over-pressure load on the back, and ensure the correct sitting posture. Whether the seat is wide and thick and fully supported. It can not only reduce the impact force generated by the weight of the human body when the body is sitting down, but also relieve the pressure on the buttocks when sitting at a desk for a long time, relax the body and mind, and improve work efficiency. At the same time, pay attention to the selection of casters: whether it is safe and smooth, whether it can rotate freely on the carpet, and whether the plastic texture of the roller is too hard to damage the floor.

2.Put a cushion to maintain your sitting position.

Cushions can relieve people with lumbar muscle strain, but there are a lot of particulars when using cushions. First of all, the cushion must be placed on the waist, it is invalid to put it on the back. This is because the normal human spine has three physiological curvatures, which do not grow in a straight line due to physiological requirements. The thoracic spine is kyphotic, and the cervical and lumbar vertebrae are protruding forward. When viewed from the side, the spine is like the connection of two Ss. Due to this physiological feature, the waist and back cannot be placed on the same plane. Therefore, when sitting in a computer chair, if a cushion is placed on the waist, the waist can be effectively supported; maintain the forward flexion of the lumbar spine; balance the pressure on the lumbar spine and lumbar muscles; reduce strain and increase comfort; prevent and improve lumbar spine discomfort, which is good for stabilizing the spine.
The second is the thickness of the cushion should be appropriate. It can’t be too thin or too soft so that it can’t hold up the waist. Don’t be too thick or too hard. Thickness may cause excessive forward flexion of the lumbar spine, while too hard it will make people uncomfortable. When choosing, you can try the cushion on the back of the waist. If the cushion still feels comfortable after ten minutes, this thickness is suitable. If you feel fatigued or even pain in your lower back, it means that this cushion is not qualified. Furthermore, people who already suffer from lumbar disc herniation and lumbar spinal stenosis should pay more attention to the comfort of the cushion.

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