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How to Choose a Cushion for People Who Sit in Gaming Chairs for a Long Time

It is common for gamers, especially professional players, to sit on a chair to play games all day, so whether a chair is comfortable is very important for sedentary players. Many players will want to buy a gaming chair when choosing a chair because the cool colors are more eye-catching and increase the atmosphere. But they don’t know if this kind of chair is comfortable to sit on because it is made of leather, and they are worried that the cushion will be harder. So today I will talk to you about the material of the gaming chair cushion and whether it is comfortable!

First of all, the issue of the softness and hardness of the gaming chair cushion. Generally, a good gaming chair has a moderate degree of softness and hardness, and it will not be too soft or too hard. Because whether it is too soft or too hard, it will affect the comfort and health of the user.

If it is too soft, such as a sofa, sitting on it, the support of the center of gravity of the human body is not stable. Users often move their bodies intentionally or unintentionally to seek new balance and stability in their bodies. Therefore, sitting on the sofa for a long time will make people feel back pain, fatigue, and damage to the hip nerve.

Of course, it is not too hard. If it is too hard, then sitting for a long time will feel pain in the buttocks, especially those who are thinner and have less fat in the buttocks. Sitting for a long time can also cause compression of the sciatic nerve, which can affect your health.

Therefore, for a good gaming chair, the seat cushion is naturally moderately soft and hard. And this moderately soft and hard gaming chair is also very particular about the filling material. Generally, a whole piece of styling sponge is used, which is suitable for long-term sitting.

But different sponges are also very different, mainly these three types:

1.Native sponge: environmental protection, hygienic, soft, and comfortable.

2.Recycled sponge: it belongs to industrial recycling and may contain harmful substances.

3.Polyurethane sponge: high value, durable, good resilience, high comfort.

The density of the sponge will determine the comfort of the seat cushion of the gaming chair. The average gaming chair is 52-55 kg/m^3, and some manufacturers seem to have introduced chairs above 75 kg/m^3. The higher the density, the better the comfort.

To sum up, the cushion of the gaming chair can be soft or hard, which is mainly determined by the material of the gaming chair itself. Generally, if the gaming chair is of good quality, the material used for its seat cushion is mainly polyurethane sponge. The softness and hardness of this kind of gaming chair are very moderate, even if you sit for a long time, it will not collapse and affect your health. But the price is relatively high. In the end, what material of the seat cushion should be selected still needs to be based on the user’s situation.
Well, today’s content is here first. If you want to know more about gaming chairs, welcome to read our more articles.

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