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How to Tell the Difference Between a Good and Bad Work Chair

More and more people are beginning to learn about work chairs, but in addition to being curious about them, they are also doubtful about their expensive prices and peculiar shapes. So can the work chair effectively help us improve the discomfort of working for a long time? Is it possible that the product cannot support its expensive price like the IQ tax product that some people say? There are three key points to distinguish the quality of a work chair, which are usually not achieved by ordinary chairs.


The easiest way for a novice to judge whether a chair is good or bad is to see whether the armrest of the chair is connected to the back of the chair or to the seat cushion. A chair with armrests attached to the back of the chair, when reclined, the armrests can maintain the same angle as the person’s back, allowing for comfortable arm support. The armrest of the bad chair is connected to the seat cushion, and when you lean back, the angle of the seat cushion inclination is inconsistent with the seat back, which is the waist of the person, and the arms cannot be placed comfortably. The structure of the armrests may not be so important in terms of comfort, but it is the easiest way to test a chair, because this simple design is enough to indicate the attitude of the chair manufacturer.

2.Waist Support

When it comes to the comfort of a chair, the most important thing should be the waist support. The older you are, the more sensitive you are to this. When I was young, I didn’t care about chairs at all, and I could sit on a wooden bench without a back for half a day. Now that I am 30 years old, my waist starts to fail, and I can’t hold on without a good chair.
Waist support is not simply the difference between having and not having. Because although many chairs have a large waist support, there is still no feeling when sitting on them. In fact, the waist support may be a component with the highest technical content in the entire chair, and there must be a complex mechanical mechanism connected to the entire chair. Of course, the most real test method is to sit on a chair on your own. Regardless of various postures, whether the back of the chair can completely wrap the back and support it.

3.Backrest Tilt Force Feedback

Different people have different weights, and the required backrest tilt strength is actually different. Ordinary chairs have a fixed tilting force, which makes it difficult for people with light weight to lean down, while people with heavy weight lean to the bottom all of a sudden.
Well, that’s about it, I just wanted to briefly talk about the good things about those expensive chairs, but I didn’t expect to write so much by accident. The chair is really worth every penny of it. After all, for people like us who work in the office all the year round, the chair is their comrade-in-arms, and a good chair means higher work efficiency!

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