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How to Use the Gaming Chair Properly

In recent years, ergonomic chairs have become popular and loved by consumers. Today, the gaming chair has been improved by scientists and has become a multi-functional healthy portable chair, which can be adjusted according to personal comfort and can be used for both reclining and sitting. Moreover, the gaming chair is designed to reduce the pressure area on the buttocks and back, press the acupoints where the stress is placed, promote blood circulation on the buttocks and backs, and avoid strain on the neck, shoulders and waist, which has a good health care effect.

How to use the gaming chair correctly? Let me show you how to use the gaming chair correctly:

1.The correct height of the seat cushion must be adjusted so that your feet are flat on the ground and your thighs are bent at a 90-degree angle.

2.The correct seat cushion depth should sit your hips in the innermost part of the seat cushion and adjust the seat cushion depth appropriately. The seat cushion can effectively support more than 2/3 of the thigh area, and the bending angle between the thigh and the calf is 90°.

3.The correct armrest height should be adjusted so that the arm and the elbow are 90°. At this point, the arm hangs down naturally, and it feels correct without any shoulder suspension. When the arm is left unsupported or poorly supported for a long time, it will cause shoulder pain or scapulohumeral periarthritis, which is very harmful to health.

4.The correct angle of the back pad should fully attach the entire back to the back pad so that the back vertebrae can be relaxed to a certain extent. It can effectively relieve the fatigue of the back and vertebrae and prevent the situation of chest and back pain.

5.The correct waist height should be adjusted to the position of the third, fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae. Because when the human body is in a sitting position, except for the legs and hips, the rest of the weight is borne by the lumbar spine. Correct adjustment of waist height can help prevent tendon or myositis, disc herniation, spondylolisthesis, psoas sprain, degenerative spondylitis, sciatica, etc.

6.When operating the seat cushion depth adjustment, it is necessary to rely on the power of the hip to slide the seat cushion out. At this time, the back needs to rely on a fixed back pad, so that the power is sent from the hips. If the back pad is not in the locked state, the back will lose the external force, which will cause the hips to be unable to exert force, and the seat pad will not slide smoothly.

7.The correct angle of the armrest should give you proper support for your hand or elbow at all times. Long-term lack of proper support for the hand or elbow can easily lead to karpaltunnelsyndrom and osteoarthritis of the elbow joint. Of course, it also has a certain relationship with the protection of the cervical spine.

8.The correct height of the headrest should be adjusted to the third to seventh segment of the cervical spine. Only in this way can the cervical spine be properly supported, effectively relieve the fatigue of the cervical spine, and prevent bone spurs and chronic spinal degeneration.

9.Correctly adjusting the back elastic force of the back pad should be based on the weight after the back is relaxed to properly adjust the back elastic force. If the elasticity is greater than the weight of the back, it will be difficult to lean back and cause discomfort. If the elastic force is less than the weight of the back, there will be a feeling of lack of support or a sense of insecurity caused by the rapid backward leaning back.

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