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Inventory of the Shortcomings of Inferior Gaming Chairs

It is difficult to guarantee the quality of cheap things. For example, behind the cheap chairs, cheap and inferior manufacturing materials are used to save production costs and obtain greater benefits from them. Then, a series of seat failure problems appeared, such as unstable casters, loose seat bodies, and even explosion accidents…

Among these chair accidents, the most common ones are gaming chairs and boss chairs. Therefore, in order to let you know more about cheap chairs such as gaming chairs and boss chairs, let’s take a look at the major safety hazards of inferior chairs. The details are as follows:

Safety Hazard 1: Falling

Some unscrupulous merchants will cut corners on the selection of the internal skeleton of the chair, and often use stainless steel materials to install things casually. In this way, the inferior seat frame will greatly reduce the load-bearing degree of the seat and cause safety problems, thus leading to the phenomenon of falling during the sitting process. Especially for heavy people, if they sit down suddenly, the instant load-bearing capacity of the chair will be poor, and the chair will be damaged accidentally, causing the user to fall to the ground.


Safety Hazard 2: Skin Allergies

In addition, cheap gaming chairs generally use some industrial sponges, which is why they smell a lot of peculiar smell after receiving the goods. These serious odors are likely to be toxic gases emitted by industrial sponges, which will cause harm to the human body, such as skin allergies, and prone to deformation after prolonged sitting.

(PS: I will provide you with a method to detect whether the sponge cushion is suitable. Press down on the seat cushion of the chair with your hand, the palm of your hand does not need to touch the sponge, the cushion sponge should be elastic, and it should rebound quickly after the hand is released.)

Safety Hazard 3: Explosion

I believe everyone has heard about the explosion accident of these cheap lifting chairs, right? For example, it has been reported in the news that there was an explosion accident in the boss chair of a certain brand, which was almost in danger to human life. Someone was sitting in a gaming chair, and his butt exploded… The explosion of cheap gaming chairs is mainly caused by the use of substandard air pressure rods.


The above is about the hidden safety hazards of cheap chairs. After reading these, will you still be greedy and buy cheap boss chairs or gaming chairs? If you want to know more about computer chairs, please read more articles on this site, thank you for reading!

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