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Gaming Chair

Is the Gaming Chair Really Suitable for Playing Games

Is the gaming chair really suitable for playing games? Why do some people think it’s useless to buy it?

First of all, e-sports chairs are definitely suitable for playing games. You must know that the origin of e-sports chairs is for games. We know that the average professional player has to train for more than ten hours a day. If the e-sports chair is really not suitable for playing games , Those professional players must be gone for a long time.

In recent years, with the rise of the e-sports industry, many domestic universities have added e-sports majors. In this year’s Asian Games, e-sports has became one of the events. Now playing games and sitting on gaming chairs is like we are used to eating with chopsticks (spoon, fork),Although we can eat with our hands, we still use chopsticks (spoon, fork) to eat.

I am also an old PC player. I used an ordinary chair before, and my back hurts every time I played for an hour or two. I bought an e-sports chair last year, and now I don’t feel tired after playing for an hour or two. I feel that the gaming chair I bought is worth it.

The reason why I feel that it doesn’t make any difference is because I have already developed a cognition in my heart that it is not worth to buy an e-sports chair after spending so much money. This kind of “not worth it” will makes our heart worse and worse when hear the comments of friends and the comparison with other products in our subsequent lives, and finally produces frustration and pain.

What causes such a psychology?

1. I heard too much
The environment affects people,. When I hear many friends or family members say that this gaming chair is not good and it’s not comfortable to sit on. Then I went online and saw a lot of netizens’ complaints about it. Over time, I felt that this thing was not worth buying.

2. There is no harm without comparison
When the gaming chair arrives, I will definitely compare it with the chair I sat on before, But always feel that other people’s things are always the best. When the things arrive, you will feel that this gaming chair is not as good as the picture;The feeling of sitting up on this gaming chair is not as good as stated on the Internet; why is my technology still so bad when sitting on the gaming chair…

3. The things I bought did not meet my expectations
This possibility can not be ruled out, that is, Either the gaming chair did not achieve its expected goal, or the gaming chair was really uncomfortable to sit on. There are always so many unscrupulous merchants.

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