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Tel in Details of Office Chairs’ Common Classification and Application Place

I believe you have seen a variety of office chairs, today let’s talk about office chairs’ common classification and application place.

There are two general classifications of office chairs:

1. Many people say all chairs in the office are called office chairs, including: large class chair, middle class chair, small class chair, staff chair, training chair and reception chair.

2. Other people says office chair refers to the back chair that people sit when working on the desktop

Class chair: also known as boss chair, is atmospheric, calm and high-grade. The common materials of class chair are leather and environmental protection leather, and a small number of large class chairs will use mesh cloth or linen. The class chair is relatively large, with good air permeability, not easy to aging and deformation. It generally adopts solid wood armrest and solid wood foot, with tilting function. It is very comfortable to use and is not easy to feel tired. But the price is also the highest among many kinds of office chairs. Applicable to the boss, senior executives, manager office and other management areas.

Staff chair: this kind of office chair is mainly used in the general office environment. It is also the most common seat in the office. The advantage of this chair is that it is relatively small in volume and small in floor space, so it can be placed in many places in the office without taking up too much space. All staff chairs are made of mesh materials. The main group of staff chairs are ordinary staff, which are mainly purchased by enterprises, or by the government and schools. Families can buy them individually as study chairs.

Training chair: the materials of the training chair are mainly mesh cloth and plastic. The training chair is mainly used to facilitate meetings or training in various office places, including dictation chair, news chair, conference chair, etc.

Reception chair: the reception chair is mainly used to receive outsiders. After outsiders come to a strange environment, they are unfamiliar with everything around them. Therefore, the reception chair will generally adopt a leisure style to give people a relaxed state of the whole body.

When buying office chairs, the comfort of office chairs is very important. A good chair should be able to adjust in various ways according to the state of sitting posture, so as to achieve the most comfortable state. Although such a multifunctional chair will be more expensive, it will also be more practical.

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