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Use Experience to Tell You What to Pay Attention to when Choosing a Computer Chair

After working for a few years, I feel that my lumbar spine is not as good as before, but as a man, it is not good to have a bad waist. So I went online to learn a lot of relevant information and computer chair brands. I have also purchased a computer chair twice in the past few years, and I have summarized some experience. I will share it with you below, hoping to help those who want to buy a chair.


As a more important part of a chair, the air pressure rod must be certified for safety. Generally, the regular air bar will have the brand logo and related parameters engraved on the bar. When there is no label displayed, you can ask which factory the air pressure rod is produced from and whether it has passed the ISO9001 national safety quality certification or SGS safety certification.


If you have high requirements for the comfort and health of the chair, it is recommended to choose an ergonomic chair. Ordinary chairs can only be used by ordinary users, and the stiffness of each part cannot be changed according to the body. The ergonomic chair is different. It will try to adapt to the natural shape of the human body and can effectively protect the health of the spine.

Adjustment function:

Many people who have purchased ergonomic chairs have this feeling. After sitting for a long time, the lumbar spine will still be uncomfortable, and if you have to lean on the back of the chair, you will feel unable to work. Therefore, whether the lumbar support of a chair can be adjusted and whether the headrest can be adjusted has become a problem that many people pay attention to.

Personal weight:

Weight is very important for chair selection. People with different weights may have different evaluations of the same chair, so choose according to your body shape.

Material of the chair:

Computer chairs are classified according to their materials, which are mainly divided into mesh chairs, leather chairs, and cloth chairs. When we are shopping, it is best to choose according to our actual situation. For example, the weather in the south is very hot, so many southerners like net chairs. Leather chairs have a more business sense and are more suitable for business office. There are many colors of cloth chairs, which are very popular among white-collar workers who like warmth and petty bourgeoisie.

Cost performance:

Higher products will have a better experience, and it is more recommended for users who are not bad money. But for ordinary people, it is more necessary to find a balance between use value and price. Most basic products can achieve 70% to 80% user experience, and those more expensive products can achieve more than 90%. But spending several times the price to pursue that 100 to 20 percent improvement in experience is more likely for ordinary people like me to choose the former.

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