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What Is the Correct Way to Use the Gaming Chair Headrest

Many people think that the headrest of the gaming chair, as the name implies, should be placed on the head. But is it actually correct? Let’s take a look below!

Now basically good chairs will have headrests, which mainly support the neck and above. The basis for choosing whether the gaming chair needs to have a headrest: whether to use it for a long time. If the continuous use time exceeds 1 hour, it is recommended to have a gaming chair with a headrest. In this way, you can also support the neck during continuous work and effectively relieve neck fatigue.

However, if you want the headrest to play its role, it must be adjusted correctly. Many people think that the headrest is placed on the head, but in fact, it is not correct to use the headrest on it for a long time. If you rest your head on it, it will force you to lower your head, which may aggravate cervical spine problems. The correct placement of the gaming chair headrest should fit the neck. It is best to support the cervical spine at the back of the head and the neck, so as to relieve the pressure on the cervical spine.

However, when it comes to headrests, the headrests of gaming chairs are now divided into fixed and adjustable headrests, both of which have their own characteristics.

Fixed headrest: generally only supports the neck and head, and has no effect. But it is generally cheaper. Adjustable headrest: This headrest is designed based on ergonomic principles, and the height and angle of the headrest can be adjusted. It can be adapted to the needs of different groups of people and different working states of individuals. Moreover, the headrest surface has a certain curvature, which can keep the cervical spine curve of the human body perfectly fit with the headrest. The headrest surface material adopts soft surface material, which can not only improve the comfort but also avoid the neck discomfort caused by the excessive hardness of the headrest. However, the price of the gaming chair with this headrest design will be higher.

In summary, the headrest of the gaming chair is the best fit for the neck. However, it should be noted that the headrest of the gaming chair has two types: fixed and adjustable. Generally, if you have the economic ability, it is recommended to buy an adjustable one, which will be better. Because it can be adapted to people of different ages and heights and application scenarios.

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