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What is the Difference Between Internet Cafe Chairs and Ordinary Chairs

With the continuous development of the Internet bar chair industry, it has gradually assimilated with ordinary household computer chairs and office chairs, and there is not much difference. A large part of Internet bar chairs is composed of a bow frame (or a swivel foot), a cushion, a backrest, and some other functions. So what’s the difference?

1.The back height of the Internet bar chair:

There are two types of Internet bar chairs: high back and low back. Low-back Internet bar chairs are generally 110 cm high, and high-back Internet bar chairs are generally 120-125 cm high. People’s heights are different, and their comfort is also different. The choice of height varies from person to person. It is more comfortable for a person’s head to lean against the upper part of the back of the chair. The most important thing is the comfortable feeling. If the sitting is uncomfortable, customers will not use it for a long time, thereby reducing the income of the Internet cafe.

2.Depth of Internet cafe chairs and Internet cafe sofas:

Generally speaking, on more formal occasions, people’s sitting posture will be more upright, and they will sit in a shallower position in front of the chair. But in Internet cafes, many people who surf the Internet sit deeper, feeling as if they are sinking into a chair. Before buying Internet cafe chairs and Internet cafe sofas, you can sit and watch first, and try the depth of the whole body when you are sitting. The most important thing is to sit firmly and comfortably.

3.The radian of the back of the Internet bar chair and the head bag and waist bag:

The lumbar pillow of the Internet cafe chair with a reasonable structural design is close to the back after sitting on it. It is more comfortable to surf the Internet while sitting on an Internet bar chair or an Internet bar sofa, and you will not feel backache even after a long time. Some manufacturers also design high-waist bags and high-head bags for high-end Internet cafes, which are not only beautiful but also better in terms of personal comfort. If it is not used as a film and television area, the choice of waist bag and head bag for Internet cafe chairs can be the second choice. Most of the netizens in the ordinary chat area and game area are leaning forward and concentrating in front of the computer, and the function of their pockets and head bags is not very practical in general Internet cafes. Therefore, when dividing the area, it is recommended to choose some Internet cafe chairs with easy-to-care ordinary waist and Baotou in the game area and ordinary chat area.

4.The height of the armrests of Internet bar chairs and Internet bar sofas:

Considering the particularity of Internet cafe chairs, the height of the armrests of Internet cafe chairs should be at the same level as the tabletop of Internet cafe tables, so that the arms will not be sore after surfing the Internet for a long time. Of course, considering the cleaning of Internet cafes, the Internet cafe chairs need to be placed under the Internet cafe table tops, which requires that the armrest height of the Internet cafe chairs should be 2-3 cm smaller than the Internet cafe table tops. The height of the Internet cafe chairs is standard, and the height of the Internet cafe table is generally used to match the height of the Internet cafe chairs.

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