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What is the Safest Position for the Air Pressure Lever of the Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs can be said to have entered everyone’s house, so do you know what is the safest position to adjust the air pressure lever? Now let’s get to know the relevant knowledge together.

What is the safe position of the air pressure lever?

If you want to know whether the pressure lever is safe to raise or lower, you must understand how it works. The main control for the lift of the air pressure rod is the air cylinder on the chair. The cylinder is mainly composed of upper and lower end covers, piston rods, pistons and cylinder barrels. Manufacturers will fill a certain amount of gas in the cylinder when manufacturing the chair. In theory, the cylinder should be filled with inert gas such as nitrogen. When the human body sits on the chair, a certain pressure is applied to the piston through the piston rod, and the piston generates pressure on the gas in the cylinder. When the gas is compressed under pressure, the height of the chair will drop, and vice versa. Its load test and impact test is 200 kg.After understanding the principle, let’s take a look at its hidden dangers.

Why does the air pressure lift swivel chair explode?

1.The air pressure rod of the chair is mainly raised and lowered by high-pressure nitrogen gas. Generally, if the gas purity is lower than 90%, there may be potential safety hazards. To save cost, some manufacturers pour high-pressure air or other gases into the pneumatic rod, which greatly reduces the safety.

2.If the seal is not tightly sealed, it will also cause an explosion.

3.The firmness of the wall material of the air pressure rod container will directly affect the safety of the chair.

Air pressure bar safety tips:

1.To choose the regular manufacturer’s products. Buy products with a qualified mark, do not be greedy to buy low-quality goods cheaply.

2.Buy a swivel chair. First look at the plastic bottom plate of the swivel chair, and then slide the swivel chair back and forth. A good-quality swivel chair is more flexible to rotate without tilting.

3.When the chair is in use, do not rotate up and down repeatedly. After using it for a while, it should be checked in time. Once cracks and loose signs are found, they should be repaired and replaced in time.

4.Sit with caution if your weight exceeds 100 kg.

Summary: General gas purity below 90% may have safety hazards. The air pressure rod is not tightly sealed, and it is easy to cause gas to burst out. In addition, the material of the air pressure rod itself is also very critical. If an unqualified material is used, it may cause an explosion. Everyone must choose qualified products produced by regular manufacturers when purchasing air pressure rods. Briefly talk about the gas spring here, it is an accessory with functions such as support, buffering, braking, height adjustment, and angle and degree adjustment. Its operating principle is to fill the airtight cylinder with inert gas or oil-air mixture that has a certain pressure difference from the outside atmospheric pressure, and then use the pressure difference on the cross-section of the piston rod to complete the free movement of the gas spring.

The above tells you the working principle of its air pressure rod, then we can know whether the height adjusted by ourselves is safe from these working principles. In this case, we can also grasp its height when using it.

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