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What Material Is Better for Home Computer Chairs

For a more comfortable gaming experience, to break through to achieve a higher level of operation, I believe that many friends will choose to say goodbye to the tasteless computer chair at home and replace it with a more professional gaming chair. But what should be paid attention to when choosing gaming chairs whose appearance is enough to make people dazzling? Here is a summary of some experience, I hope it can help you!

The material of the fabric is very important. When choosing gaming chairs, the comfort of the human body is largely determined by the direct contact with our epidermis. A good gaming chair should meet our daily needs in terms of comfort and fit and breathability. At present, the surface fabrics of gaming chairs are mainly divided into two categories: mesh fabrics and PU fabrics. Let’s take a look at their respective advantages and disadvantages.

1.Mesh material characteristics

The mesh material is also the polyester we often say, mainly knitted fabric. The naked eye can see the meshes on the cloth surface. It is composed of different knitting methods, which has good stability and ensures the slip resistance of the cloth surface. And it has good moisture absorption and ventilation effect.

Gaming chairs made of mesh are usually not filled with sponges, and they will not feel stuffy after sitting for a long time. Even in summer, you can feel the refreshing feeling brought by this material. Gaming chairs made of mesh fabric usually have better elasticity. When people sit on the chair, they obviously feel that the mesh surface is close to the back line, which has a good fit and is lighter in weight. However, the small holes on the mesh surface of the mesh material are more likely to accumulate dust than the flat PU fabric. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria. It is difficult to ensure comprehensive cleaning with ordinary rags. The entire chair needs to be disassembled and washed and dried. If you are a “lazy cancer patient” with cleanliness, you should choose PU fabrics that are easier to clean.

2.PU material characteristics

PU fabrics are familiar to everyone and are often used in artificial leather materials made of sofas and leather bags. Compared with mesh cloth, the gaming chair made of PU fabric looks more fashionable and avant-garde in appearance, usually with a contrasting color design, which is more attractive to users who want to pursue individual taste.

Gaming chairs made of PU fabric are usually used with a sponge inside. Different from the trapping feeling of mesh cloth, the gaming chair made of PU fabric has a better supporting force, which avoids the problems of subconscious bending, hunchback, and forward-leaning during use. Moreover, this type of gaming chair is usually designed with a racing bucket seat, which has a higher degree of fit and wrapping, which greatly reduces the fatigue caused by people sitting for a long time. PU fabric saves a lot of trouble in cleaning, generally speaking, it can be done by gently wiping the surface with a rag. However, it should be noted that the PU fabric may be deformed or even damaged after being wet with water. If you want a deeper cleaning, you need to use a professional cleaner. The air permeability of PU fabric is far inferior to that of mesh fabric, and it is easy to be damaged after long-term use, and its durability will be slightly worse.

Selection tips: When you choose, you can choose according to your own needs. If you want a fresh, breathable and more durable experience, then mesh is your best choice. If you pay more attention to sedentary comfort and overall cool shape, you can choose gaming chairs made of PU fabric.

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