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What Should Novices Pay Attention to When Buying Computer Chairs

Before buying a chair, you should figure out what kind of chair you really want. In short, you want to buy a computer office chair, or a boss chair, or an E-sports chair, or an ergonomic chair, or you just want to buy an ordinary sofa chair, soft leather chair, etc. When you well think about it, you can make a choice by looking at the following items

I、 Brand selection

The issue of brand is also a very important thing, which is related to personal safety. People always ask if we can buy those no brand computer chairs? It is not recommended to buy them. Many of those computer chairs are low quality products. There have been computer chair explosions before. According to experts, as long as the pipe wall of the computer chair is thick enough and the base design is reasonable, it is almost impossible for the computer chair to explode. In order to save costs, some manufacturers will not spend a lot of time on the computer chair. It is no problem to sit normally, but with the passage of time, accidents may occur due to the effect of external forces.

II、 Focus


Now the common materials of computer chair / office chair include hemp cotton, mesh cloth, mesh cotton, Pu soft leather, etc. Pu soft leather and mesh cloth are recommended. The leather is more commercial, easy to clean, and the mesh cloth has good air permeability. You can buy it according to your preferences.


This aspect is mainly about the bending radian and structural design. The backrest is the second focus in addition to the cushion. It is mainly the place where the spine having rests. The requirement of the backrest is to be stable. If shaking is large under force, it means that the quality of the chair is not good.

3,Waist pillow

The waist pillow is used together with the back rest. The adjustable waist pillow can be adjusted to the most appropriate place according to people’s height, that means, to find the best focus for the spine. Some waist pillows are directly placed in front of the back rest.

4,Head pillow

The third force point of the computer chair, supporting the neck and head of the human body. When selecting the headrest, we should consider whether it can be adjusted and the softness of the surface material. If the material is too hard, it will lead to poor blood flow in the neck and cause dizziness and headache

5,Is the back arc adjustable

The most comfortable function of the adjustable chair is that you can lie down and have a rest when you are tired, and you can adjust to a comfortable angle to work, but this function is not very necessary, because if you are at home, you can lie in bed when you are tired. You can buy a computer chair with this function according to your own needs.

6,Pneumatic rod / lifting rod

Used to adjust the height of seats. It is better to buy with brand which have quality assurance.


Mainly considered are its wear resistance and the noise during sliding.

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