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What Should We Do if the Floor Is Scratched by the Newly Bought Gaming Chair

What should we do if the floor is scratched by the chair? Many people like to sit on the computer chair and slide around when they are playing on the computer at home. Especially the kind of chairs with rollers, when they take things from a distance, they will slide directly over them. However, the pulleys under some chairs are relatively rough or sharp, which is easy to leave marks or even whitening on the floor, and especially affects the appearance. So how to deal with this situation?

How to deal with chair marks on the floor?

1.Use floor oil. If the scratches on the floor are relatively light, you can use floor oil to paint. Not only can repair scratches, but also can play a protective role.

2.If the paint film of the floor is not damaged and there are only a few scratches, it can be polished with polishing wax after cleaning the floor. Polishing wax can protect the luster of the floor and make the surface of the floor smooth.

3.If the floor paint film is damaged or even white, you can first use 400# water sandpaper dipped in soapy water to polish the damaged area. After it is dry, re-color and spray paint, it needs to be dried for at least 24 hours. Then use 400# water sandpaper to sand, and finally sand the floor wax.

4.If the floor is scratched extensively, it is best to ask a professional repairer to refurbish or replace the solid wood floor.

What chair won’t scratch wood floors?

The wooden floor should use the computer chair with PU soft wheel, which has less friction on the floor and avoids scratching the ground and affecting the appearance. During daily use, observe the sliding condition of the wheels to see if there is any phenomenon that the wheels do not turn. The material of the wheel is best to choose aluminum alloy wrapped with rubber, which can not only prevent the floor from scratching, but also protect the wheel. Or laying a carpet under the chair can also prevent the floor from wearing down and has a certain decorative effect. Don’t use chairs with pulleys if you can.
In fact, there are many ways to solve the problem, I will not list them all. I hope the above methods can help you solve the problem, thank you for reading!

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