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What Type of Chair Is Good for Your Health When You Sitting on the Computer for a Long Time?

Sitting in front of the computer for a long time, you will feel very uncomfortable when you sit on a normal seat. You can choose ergonomically designed chairs. Manufacturers have been taken into many considerations when making ergonomic seats, for example, making people have a correct sitting posture, reducing the pain on the waist. Even sitting in the same posture for a long time is not easy to be tired, which is good to sitting and working for a long time. In view of this situation, some chair manufacturers will add the function of correcting hunchback to the design of chairs. After the hump problem is improved, the correct sitting posture can be formed, and the pain on the waist can be reduced. The following is a brief introduction for the purchasing of ergonomic seats.

1. Easy install and move

If it is a chair purchased online, there will be a lot of working waiting for you, such as carrying cartons, assembling chairs, etc. If the chair has no casters, then if you want to move the chair, you have to lifted the whole chair. If the chair is too heavy, it is easy to hurt people once it falls, which is very dangerous. What’s more, it’s not easy to get up after falling. Therefore, it is best to choose a chair with casters, which is easy to move and not too heavy. Of course, if it is too light, the chair will lost stability, so it needs to be selected in combination with you own situation. As a reference, a chair of about 10 ~ 25kg is more suitable.

2. Durability of cushion

Although the service life of the chair is not short, because we have to sit for several hours every day, the cushion part will bear pressure for a long time. If the cushion is deformed, it will also cause incorrect sitting posture and increase the pain on the waist. Generally, the cushions of ergonomic chairs are integrated and inseparable, so they cannot be replaced. Therefore, it is safer to choose goods with a longer warranty period. However, the chair is also a consumable. The longer you use it, the harder the cushion will become. However, after the cushion deteriorates, you can also find a cushion suitable for this chair and put it on it to prolong the service life of the chair accordingly. At the time of purchase, you can also see whether this brand have cushions for sale also?

3. Adjustable

In order to make the ergonomic chair fit your body better, you should also pay attention to whether there is an adjustment function when purchasing chairs. In addition to the most common overall lifting function, some chairs can also adjust the height and tilt angle of the seat back separately. If the seat back can be adjusted to a near horizontal position, it can be convenient to lie down and take a nap during lunch break. In addition to the height of the seat surface and the back of the chair, the armrest of some chairs can also be adjusted.

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