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Which Part of the Ergonomic Computer Chair is the Most Important

Many people know the computer chair, so what is the most important part of the structure of the computer chair? Finding out about this problem will help us to distinguish the quality of office computers, so follow me to find out.

Many people only look at the appearance of computer chairs and office furniture, and rarely have a detailed understanding. In fact, the most important part of a computer chair is not its appearance, just like a person, never just look at a person’s appearance. The quality of the chair we mainly look at is its heart – the chassis. The reason why it is said that the most important part of a computer chair is the chassis is that the armrests of the chair are connected to the chassis.

An important part under the cushion of the computer chair is the chassis. The quality of the chassis is the most important part we found in the production process. It can have several damages. The creaking of the chair is a problem with the chassis, the swaying of the chair from side to side is also a problem with the chassis, the inability of the chair to lift much is also a problem with the chassis, and the looseness of the backrest is basically a problem with the connection parts of the chassis.

How to judge the chassis of a computer chair?

The first is the thickness of the iron of the chassis. Generally, the thickness of a good chassis is the thickness of the steel plate above 2mm, which can effectively support the weight of the whole chair and people.

The second is to look at the chassis mechanism. The simple chassis is called a butterfly tray and is used in many small chairs. There are also chassis such as small aircraft seats, large aircraft seats, and frog chassis. Of course, there are also tailgate chassis and control-by-wire chassis. The mechanism here is relatively complicated, and when designing a chair, it is usually to work on the chassis. The mechanisms here are relatively complicated, and when designing a chair, it is usually a matter of spending time on the chassis. The better the structure of the chassis, the more functions it has. The mechanism of the chassis is reasonable, and the chair is stronger.

The link parts of the chassis back iron, many people’s computer chairs later have a skewed backrest, breakage, etc. are all problems in this place. Therefore, we must pay attention to the link between the chassis and the back iron. Good chairs are linked by very thick reinforced back iron. There are three or more screws in the link, so we must look at the front and back of the chassis.

The center of the chassis plays a very important role in the distance of the seat. If the center is forward, it is easy to turn forward, and if it is behind, it is easy to turn backward. Of course, when leaning left and right, it is easy to shake from side to side, and the force is uneven. Therefore, after the chassis is installed on the chair, you need to try to sit on it and shake the chair to judge whether it is a good chair.

Having said so much, it is just for everyone to know that the chassis is equivalent to the brain of the chair, and the whole chair is supported by the chassis, so the quality and function of the chassis are particularly important. The inclination of the chair is controlled by the chassis. When sitting on the chair, you can try to tilt it back and forth. In addition, the degree of softness and hardness of the chassis determines the inclination of the chair, whether it is the entire chair or only the backboard.

The above is the whole content of this article, I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about gaming chairs, please read other articles on this site, thanks for reading.

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