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Why Are the Prices of the Same Gaming Chairs so Different

There are all kinds of gaming chairs on the market: ergonomic chairs, computer sofas, and the most common straight-up gaming chair.

The most recommended one: ergonomic gaming chair. Why we recommend it: Aside from beds, what furniture do we use the most every day? It must be gaming chair. If a chair is not ergonomic and only has the function of sitting, then you will inevitably feel sore in various parts after sitting for a long time. The above chairs are not ergonomic except for the gaming chair that imitates a little ergonomic chair. But in the final analysis, the gaming chair is only more beautiful and eye-catching. Simply putting a small pillow cannot replace the function of the lumbar pillow. So how to choose a good ergonomic chair?

The gaming chair as an example can be summarized as follows:

A good gaming chair should consist of five parts: five-star foot, air pressure rod, chassis, seat cushion and backrest. Only when they perform their duties and work in harmony can they constitute a comfortable and durable chair.

The first part is the five-star foot, which is the five wheels of the sliding gaming chair. They bear the weight of the human body and are related to the durability of the chair. The wheels of many cheap gaming chairs are made of plastic or even waste plastic. The physical properties of plastic are not good, and it is too soft in summer and too brittle in winter. When people use it, they often encounter the situation that the wheel suddenly breaks. When people use it, they often encounter the situation that the wheel suddenly breaks. Better wheels use PU and nylon composite materials to increase their wear resistance.

The second part is the air pressure rod, which is in charge of the e-sports chair lifting. Industry insiders pointed out that the price difference between a good air rod and a poor quality air rod is about 7 times. Poor quality air pressure rods have very thin walls, and the valves are not tightly sealed, which will cause air leakage over time, resulting in the chair not being able to lift. Office chairs are assembled products, you can choose to ignore other aspects, but you must choose a big brand for the air pressure rod. The brand of the air bar is generally on the wall of the tube.

The third part is the seat cushion, which must conform to the curves of the human body’s hips and thighs. The density and thickness of the sponge covered on the seat board are related to the comfort of the seat. If the sponge on the top is too thin and the density is not enough, the seat will not be guaranteed after sitting for 3 months.

The fourth part is the back of the chair. This part must conform to ergonomic functions, and the closer it fits to the curve of the human spine, the better. The elasticity and toughness of the seat back are important factors in determining whether it is comfortable or not.

The fifth part is the chassis. This is the brain of the chair, and almost all functions are realized through the chassis. The chassis can control the angle of the chair’s backward or forward tilt, as well as the size of the backward elasticity. The chassis function determines whether the entire seat can recline or just the backrest.

Now do you know why the price of gaming chairs can vary so much?

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