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Why E-Sports Chairs Are More Expensive Than Ordinary Tables and Chairs

At present, the e-sports industry is very popular, which also drives the development of various E-sports equipment. In addition to PC hardware and peripherals, the most noticeable E-sports games should be E-sports displays and E-sports chairs. Some friend once asked me, why are E-sports chairs more expensive than ordinary seats? Today, let’s ¬†talk about¬†E-sports chairs.

E-sports chair, as the name suggests, is called E-sports chair for short. E-sports is a competitive event using electronic equipment as sports equipment! Think about those E-sports players who play games in front of the computer for so long every day, but also maintain a good state and an ultra-high winning rate. If they are ordinary chairs, they will be tired seat with normal chair.

People will sit in chair for long time and  maintain the posture in the game, so an E-sport chair is necessary product.

Most of the e-sports chairs are designed according to ergonomics and fit the human lumbar spine to provide a reliable support for the human body. It’s not easy to feel tired even if you need to sit for a long time.

Secondly, it can be seen that E-sports chairs can be seen in all kinds of E-sports competitions, so the addition of high quality + belief is the main reason affecting the price of E-sports chairs.

In addition, since it is an E-sports chair, it is naturally designed for playing games. There will be many special designs, such as lifting armrest. Whether you play the game with arm flow or wrist flow, your elbow needs a support point, and the best support choice is the armrest of the chair, but if your armrest is too low, you will always raise your hands to play the game; If it is too high, you will always hang your hands. These two positions are not very comfortable, and the distance between the armrests of some chairs does not match the distance between your elbows.

At this time, you can see the advantages of E-sports chairs. Most E-sports chairs have freely adjustable armrests, horizontal steering and vertical lifting functions. You can adjust according to your body and the height of the table to keep your elbows in a more comfortable position, which is not given by the normal chair.

In addition, many E-sports chairs on the market use the design style of racing chairs in appearance. Individual chair types even accept users’ DIY patterns and color matching. It can be said that many E-sports users are likely to be attracted by the shapes of various E-sports chairs and become users of E-sports chairs.

In fact, the comfort of the e-sports chair is not as good as the professional ergonomic chair. The leather material on the surface also leads to the poor air permeability of the e-sports chair. Sitting for a long time in summer may feel stuffy and hot. It can be seen that professional players do not fully use the e-sports chair during training. However, the trendy appearance of E-sports chair, the leaning angle designed for players to play games for a long time, the armrest suitable for game competition design, and the belief bonus of E-sports stars have made it a hot trend product at present. If you love e-sports, you might as well experience the e-sports chair and feel the feeling of visiting the game in person!

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