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Why is a Chair More Comfortable to Sit on Than to Lie Down

For office workers, sitting at the office and computer for a long time will inevitably lead to fatigue of the human spine and lumbar spine. Over time, it will cause lumbar muscle strain and sciatica. At this time, the quality of the chair you are sitting on will indirectly lead to the occurrence of these diseases. Therefore, it is very important to choose a chair that suits you.

Product component structure and installation:

The gaming chair is different from our general computer chair, and it is also very different in the overall design structure and assembly form. First of all, in terms of the overall weight of the product, the weight of one gaming chair is comparable to that of three ordinary computer chairs. The purpose is to be able to play a better role in stability and support for long-term use.
Gaming chairs have more accessories than traditional computer chairs. In addition to some accessory products that we can see in ordinary computer chairs, we can also see the corresponding protective gear, backrests, and so on. In the overall installation operation, it is also recommended that more than two people perform the installation. After all, the weight of the product itself is very heavy, it is a bit difficult to install by one person, and the relative installation time is also long.

1.Base bracket

Like many computer chair products, the gaming chair is supported by a five-star tripod structure. The material is made of alloy material, which is more rigid and can easily carry hundreds or even thousands of pounds of heavy objects.
The ultra-quiet non-slip rollers used with the brackets will not make the rolling sound of ordinary computer chairs when rubbing against the wooden floor.

2.Air pressure rod

The air pressure rod is the core component of the entire gaming chair to carry the weight. The four-stage air pressure rod with international SGS certification can easily carry more than 1000 kg of static weight. To avoid potential safety hazards at the bottom of the seat cushion, the design of the anti-riot back plate is also added. In terms of overall safety performance, it is still considered very carefully.


The selection of materials and production process of the backrest is also more particular. Using high-quality PVC leather craftsmanship, it is more obvious in flexibility, softness, and anti-wear and tear-resistant effect. It does not produce any odor by itself, and it is also easy to clean.

Another point is that the position of the armrest and the installation of the seat cushion are fixed on the backrest separately. The integrated curved arm connection form of traditional computer chair products will cause bending deformation after long-term use. And gaming chairs don’t have to worry about these issues at all.

Since the armrest and seat cushion are pre-installed, the user can save the installation process of the armrest position after getting the product. Moreover, in the actual use of this armrest in the future, it is not fixed. According to the user’s own needs, the armrest plate can be elongated and the vertical position of the armrest can be moved, which is more suitable for long-term sitting and lying used.

In addition, the inner padding of the seat cushion is made of an M3 high-density sponge, which has the effects of high resilience and no collapse, and the air permeability and comfort are relatively better.

We mentioned above that gaming chairs are heavy in weight, so what exactly is it? That’s those protective plates on the bottom of its seat. Because of the support of these structures, long-term use will not cause the distortion of the gaming chair and the movement of structural parts, avoiding the use experience affected by the collapse and loosening of the chair. For today’s gaming chairs, sitting comfortably is not enough, lying down is the most comfortable. Because of its rational use of ergonomic principles, the effect of comfort is not diminished whether you are sitting or lying down.

In fact, whether it is a general computer chair or an e-sports chair, the purpose is to serve us. As for the category, it is not important, the key is to be comfortable.

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