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Why is the Gaming Chair Market So Hot Now

Nowadays, the gaming chair market is very hot. Especially for gamers, gaming chairs are necessary equipment, which can greatly enhance the gaming experience. So, why are gaming chairs so expensive? I will analyze it for you below.

Why are gaming chairs popular?

I believe that friends who like to play games should be familiar with gaming chairs. In the past few years, the e-sports industry has developed rapidly, and the e-sports chair industry has naturally experienced explosive growth and has gradually become a necessary piece of equipment for gamers.

Modern young people spend most of their rest time at home because of COVID-19. Some people may relax by playing a few games with friends. Therefore, the demand for gaming chairs has also risen. Some people even renovate an e-sports room at home to enhance their happiness.

Gaming chairs really feel different from ordinary chairs. Many of them are ergonomically designed so that people who play gaming games can sit for a long time without getting tired. And although some gaming chairs are made of leather, they are not stuffy. So in general, if it’s not too exaggerated, the gaming chair can also be used as an office chair. Whether it is a 90-degree upright sitting or a 110-degree backside sitting, it can give waist support just right with professional waist support.

Why are gaming chairs so expensive?

1.Cool and Fancy Design

The shape of the gaming chair is derived from the racing seat and has a relatively strong wrapping property. Although this package design is not useful for e-sports players, the designers of the common e-sports chairs on the market have continued this design style. And many big brands of gaming chairs follow the ergonomic design and fit the lumbar spine of the human body. Even if you need to sit for a long time, it is not easy to feel tired. Although the specific effect is unknown, a lot of homework must have been done in the design of functionality and comfort.
Especially for today’s young people, beauty is justice, no matter what, looking good is the premise, and then talk about other things. The designers of gaming chairs have cleverly catered to the consumption needs of young people, and have spent a lot of thought and energy on the appearance design of gaming chairs. Therefore, we see that the appearance of the current e-sports chair is more and more cool and handsome so that others can think of the labels of gamers such as “e-sports” and “hardcore”.

2.Materials and Safety

In addition to the appearance and shape of the gaming chair, which requires a lot of design costs, there are two main costs: padding and air pressure rods. The former determines the user’s experience and comfort; the latter determines the long-term safety of the chair.
The common gaming chair fillers on the market are mostly made of PU material and sponge filler. Different products use different sponges, and the cost in the middle varies greatly, resulting in a great difference in the final price of gaming chairs. The air pressure rod, which tests the bearing capacity, lifting height, and smoothness of the chair, is an important factor to test the safety of a gaming chair. Some gaming chairs will also be equipped with explosion-proof panels to further increase safety. In the same way, the quality of the pneumatic rods used by different products is different, and the cost is also different. If you use a high-standard, high-quality pneumatic rod, the cost will be higher, but the safety of the relative chair is also more secure and more trustworthy. Generally speaking, as long as the air pressure rod has passed the safety inspection and reached level three or above, it is enough.

3.Brand Premium and Marketing Expenses

No matter what the product, the bigger the brand, the more serious the premium, and the gaming chair is no exception. The establishment of a well-known brand requires long-term accumulation and precipitation, which has many hidden costs. Some of our common manufacturers will also spend a lot of money on marketing and marketing, and these costs will eventually be shared with consumers. But there are also some manufacturers who make products with heart, spend a lot on R&D and cost, and spend less on marketing correspondingly. So even if the quality is good, the popularity is not very high. At this time, users and consumers need to recommend each other. Good things are worth recommending and sharing with others.

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