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Why Is the Gaming Chair You Bought Uncomfortable

Gaming chairs are widely used by the majority of people because of their humanized design and comfortable sitting feeling, such as office crowd, anchor industry, e-sports game industry, etc., and even began to spread to family seats. However, when gaming chairs spread to every corner of life, some users reported that gaming chairs were uncomfortable.

In fact, the reasons why gaming chairs are uncomfortable are mainly due to the following situations:

First, the gaming chair does not conform to the ergonomic design;

Second, the material used in the gaming chair is not comfortable enough;

Third, the user’s sitting posture is wrong.

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First of all, in terms of humanized design, although there are various brands of gaming chairs on the market, there are very few brands of gaming chairs that can truly be ergonomically designed. And those gaming chairs that are uncomfortable are most likely not ergonomically designed. For example, the gaming chair simply hangs a sponge headrest and a lumbar support on the back of the chair, which is less practical. When actually sitting on it, the support of the neck and waist is far from the ergonomic concept, making it difficult for users to obtain a very comfortable experience. The armrests are not attached to the back of the chair, which makes a poor experience.

Second, it is in the selection of materials for gaming chairs. There are many problems due to the low-cost materials used in some gaming chairs. For example: leather and cotton materials have poor air permeability, and it is very hot without air conditioning in summer. The lumbar support and seat back of the gaming chair products on the market are made of leather and cotton materials, and their shortcomings are obvious. The quality of the cushion is low, and most gaming chair merchants make a fuss about the cushion. For example, reducing the thickness of the sponge or the low strength of the material cannot reduce the muscle strain on the buttocks, and cannot make the user feel comfortable.

Finally, there is the wrong sitting posture of the user. Even an ergonomically designed gaming chair will not make you have a very comfortable ride if you sit in the wrong position. Many people use the wrong posture when using the computer – bow their heads and bend over. This sitting position can cause various pain problems in the neck and lower back, such as: shoulder and neck pain, numb fingers, etc. The correct sitting posture is: the chin and head are retracted on the shoulders, the shoulder blades on both sides are retracted backward while the arms are slightly externally rotated to open the chest, and the shoulder blades are lowered as much as possible to flatten the clavicle into a straight line. The spine is straightened so that the center of gravity of the upper body rests on the sitting bones, and the waist and abdomen are tightened to a certain extent to maintain the posture of the spine. And the feet are directly in front of the knees, both feet and knees are facing forward. The feet are directly in front of the knees, and both feet and knees are facing forward.

However, it is worth reminding here that no matter what sitting posture is, as long as it is maintained for a long time, it will also lead to some sitting posture health problems. Don’t think that the gaming chair is suitable for sitting for a long time, so you can’t sit for a long time. You should get up and move around appropriately.

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