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Tel in Details of Office Chairs’ Common Classification and Application Place

I believe you have seen a variety of office chairs, today let’s talk about office chairs’ common classification and application place. There are two general classifications of office chairs: 1. Many people say all chairs in the office are called office chairs, including: large class chair, middle class chair, small class chair, staff chair, training […]

What Should Novices Pay Attention to When Buying Computer Chairs

Before buying a chair, you should figure out what kind of chair you really want. In short, you want to buy a computer office chair, or a boss chair, or an E-sports chair, or an ergonomic chair, or you just want to buy an ordinary sofa chair, soft leather chair, etc. When you well think […]

How Do We Choose a High-Quality Gaming Chair from Variety of Products

With the development of e-sports industry, More and more brands of E-sports chair also coming out, and more and more users begin to understand and accept E-sports chairs. It is undeniable that we spend a lot of time on chairs every day, whether at home or in the office. Therefore, in order to have a […]

Why E-Sports Chairs Are More Expensive Than Ordinary Tables and Chairs

At present, the e-sports industry is very popular, which also drives the development of various E-sports equipment. In addition to PC hardware and peripherals, the most noticeable E-sports games should be E-sports displays and E-sports chairs. Some friend once asked me, why are E-sports chairs more expensive than ordinary seats? Today, let’s  talk about E-sports chairs. […]

Do You Really Know How to Choose the Right Chair for Yourself?

When buying chairs, in addition to the design, material and color, not all chairs are as expensive as possible. The top priority is definitely to choose a chair suitable for your body. Now let’s talk about some tips for choosing chairs. 1. Seat height. It should be equal to the length of the lower leg. […]

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